Monday, August 24, 2009

Against Medicine?

I find "research" books about the evils of modern medicine absurd. Take for example, this:
Murder by injection: The story of the medical conspiracy against America. This is being read by a seriously intelligent friend of mine, and I have another friend who has not read this (to my knowledge), but who definitely takes these principals to heart.

"But why, Melissa," I can hear you asking (again), "could something like this be funny? People worked hard on this information and you are just skewed by our modern sensibilities." That is a somewhat fair point, I suppose. But let me explain, using a review I've found.

This is a very fine book. Eustace Mullins is an expert researcher. Previous to this book he was the FIRST person to reveal the true nature of the Federal Reserve (which has nothing to do with Federal).
I'm not even going to dignify this with a reply.
In this book he details the history of how control of the medicinal market has been won by the FDA and the AMA (and similar organizations in other Nations), and how the healing of citizens has been put in the hands of the Government rather than in the hands of the citizens themselves.
That does make some sense, actually. I can see how a doctor (not just any old yahoo writing a review or a book!) could have some concerns about this. I mean, there are truly useful treatments in other countries that are not permitted within the US because they haven't passed certain tests here. Certainly. And visa-versa.

However, I'm a teacher, and I therefore deal with the American public. Frankly, most of us are freakin' morons, and I'm not always excluding myself in that group. People do not make their decisions wisely. How many people have you seen this week riding a motorcycle while wearing nothing but a tank top & shorts? How many people got a budget boob job that scars and looks nasty? How many people are there addicted to pain pills? Or how many people stay in an abusive relationship? Or have too much credit card debt? I'm not even saying this is uniquely American because it's not. I'm saying that not everyone is capable of making the best decisions for themselves medically, and many people choose to refrain from making good decisions otherwise. I suppose that IS each individual's choice, or even a family's choice, but that doesn't mean I want someone one a handful of Vicodin driving around town.

This is the sentence that really clinched this for me, though:

Their choices for treatment have been downsized to that of Allopathic medicine, a way of treatment that is relatively new, only a few hundred years old, if at that, as compared to medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years.
(I corrected a spelling error in there because I just couldn't stand to see it). Let me point something out here. Yes, our medicine is flawed and it hasn't been practiced for very long at all. However, our average life span is significantly longer than it was 70 years ago... let alone 200 or 500! Yes, the people who lived past infancy generally lived to be fairly old... unless, of course, we were speaking about a woman! Obviously the generations prior did just fine, but I'd rather pass on the serious risk of DEATH in childbirth for obvious reasons. Just sayin'.

To me, that points out that while there were a lot of things that were right back then, we are clearly improving those things today. Maybe some things will swing back that way; some already are. My point isn't that it's a bad thing if they do, but that I don't have the knowledge to make those medical decisions for myself. I decided to study literature. Millions of people decide to study nothing. They probably aren't going to be able to gather empirical data on this, either.

This book details the methods used by the Rockefellers to control the medicinal market to their advantage. It also guarantees a level of population on! You will be surprised!
Interesting... I would definitely expect that since the world's population is exponentially larger than it has been previously, that probably they're not working to control population. Unless of course they're working to control the population via keeping adequate MODERN care from impoverished countries because some people believe that they don't have as much right to those services for whatever (racist) reason. Because, seriously, there is NO population control in the United States that I can see being of any benefit. In fact, it is generally the most poor and uneducated who have large families (with some notable exceptions, obviously, allowing for religious reasons).

On the other hand, I absolutely believe that the medical industry has an agenda - I mean, honestly, it's more lucrative for them to treat diseases than to cure them. I wish that wasn't the truth, but I'm sure it is in some cases.

But seriously, it all being controlled by the Rockefellers? Granted, I know as much about their current financial state as I do about heart surgery, but to pinpoint one family who hasn't been considered THAT powerful since, like, the Depression (inaccurate, I know) seems a little far-fetched.

And this man actually makes money for publishing this crap. And people actually believe it. Of course, Ann Coulter hasn't been slapped yet, so I guess this is just another example that people will go for anything.

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